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The Visual Aesthetics of Liberation

BSU@BSU Virtual Exhibition and Panel Discussion on Sociallly Engaged Art

What does liberation look like when it is expressed through the visual arts?  Does it enliven the two-dimensional surface with deep reflection or a call to action, infuse a three-dimensional object with purpose and personality, or does it explode into the spaces in which we live challenging our sense of reality? Does it march right up to you with the full force of its power to express, resist, and change hearts, minds, and the world we live in?  In the case of the artists Dread Scott, Zoë Charlton, Ada Pinkston, and Jennifer White-Johnson it exists in all of these ways to varying degrees. However, what each of these artists shares in common is a sense of purpose toward the liberation of self and community, as well as the skillful use of visual and performative devices.

The Visual Aesthetics of Liberation is a virtual exhibition that features four artists whose practices are rooted in socially engaged, performative, and participatory projects that focus on

liberation, resistance, and progress.  

The exhibition highlights the ways in which visual arts function rhetorically and demonstrates the impact of the artists' practice and a focus on featured projects.

Artist Galleries

How do you describe your work and the way that it exists in the public sphere?

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