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About WWR

Wells Woodson Renaissance is a book club that cultivates knowledge through study groups; courses and curricula; publications and programming for the purpose of enriching, informing, and activating the community.

What we do...

1.  Read books by, for, and of benefit to African American people

2.  Contribute to discussions on issues that are pertinent to the survival, progress, and uplift of African American people.

3.  Attendance and participation in activities and events that enrich our sense of community

4.  Advance the cause of education beginning with ourselves, and extending to our students, our communities, and our country

5.  Practice civic engagement to develop a greater sense of social justice within American society

6.  Develop and participate in strategies for survival and improvement of the lives of African American people

Our History

WWR began as an effort to bring together a group of knowledgeable and intellectually curious friends to read books by, for, and of benefit to African Americans; build knowledge, and nurture our sense of community.

Our namesakes are Ida B. Wells, and Carter G. Woodson, ancestors who gave their lives to the struggle for survival, progress, and uplift of African American people.

Currently, we are 16 African American members from a variety of backgrounds.  Although many of us work in a variety of backgrounds, we are all educators either by profession or by the roles we choose to play in the development of our communities.

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